June 23rd 2013

Late Sunday afternoon, at 4:40pm, we are asking our guests to gather at the front of The Rembrandt Yard (map of reception site). Two shuttles will be loading up and leaving for the ceremony site at 4:45pm and car pools will be set up and headed up the mountain for our wedding ceremony.

If you do not make it onto one of the shuttles, please make sure you go up the mountain in a
full car as parking is limited at Sunrise Amphitheater. Our good friend Dan, will be helping coordinate car pools for those of you driving up. The last car pool will be leaving at 5:05 sharp. Leaving later than 5:05 means you'll likely miss the ceremony.
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Sunrise Amphitheater is just shy of 6 miles from our reception cite, The Rembrandt Yard. It's up Flagstaff mountain, so expect beautiful views and many switchbacks along the way. Give yourself about 20 minutes to make the trip by car. In the map above, A is the reception site in downtown Boulder. B is the wedding ceremony site.

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Brooke's Favorite Route to Sunrise Amphitheater

Google Maps gives you the directions on the left. Brooke Gessay… (soon to be McNamara) suggests you:

1. Head
West on Spruce Street toward Broadway.

2. Cross Broadway and continue to 9th Street.

3. Turn Left onto
9th Street.

4. Continue on 9th Street to Baseline Road.

5. Turn right on
Baseline Road.

6. Continue on Baseline, which becomes
Flagstaff Summit Road.

7. Turn right onto Flagstaff Summit Road at Realization Point.

Sunrise Amphitheater
1198 Flagstaff Dr.
Boulder CO

Things To Look For Along the Way

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On Baseline Road, take in Chautauqua Park on your left just before you start your way up Flagstaff Mountain. Why? We were on a little hike in these beautiful fields when Rob proposed to Brooke.

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Just past 5 miles from The Rembrandt Yard you are going to reach Realization Point. For those of you driving up the mountain, make sure you turn right here. Look for this intersection and sign. From this turn off, the Sunrise Amphitheater is only .7 mile. For those of you interested in a casual hike in the mountain air, you can park here at Realization Point, or alternatively there are more parking spots just one tenth of a mile after this turn which gives you just over half a mile walk to our wedding ceremony site.

For those of you not looking for a walk in the mountains, consider taking one of the two shuttles we have provided or car pool with a driver who plans on parking at the site.

We can't wait to see you,
Brooke and Rob